Design proposal for permanent exhibition about anatomy and medicine   | Technoda Museum, Givat Olga

The guiding principle that shaped the design of this exhibition comes from the world of theater, and involves the internalization of knowledge and values based on a sense of emotional involvement and narrative development.  For this reason, the design evolves around a story – that of a visitor becoming a doctor and performing a range of life-saving tasks.

The design of the exhibition space simulates the experience of a visit to a hospital, while giving expression to values associated with scientific thinking and research: concentration, dedication, consistency, creativity, teamwork, planning, precision, curiosity, duration, examination, and experimentation. My goal was not to provide a flood of stimulation, but rather to produce an experience of duration, concentration, and in-depth engagement with different activities, and to provide satisfaction based on a combination of emotional and cognitive engagement.

Another element that guided the design of this exhibition arose out of my study of anatomical pop-up books, which inspired my quest to present knowledge in a manner that is at once didactic and playful, and which involves an experience of discovery and experimentation.

The exhibition space is thematically divided into three areas: the heart, the lungs, and the brain. Each area contains a laboratory and a hospital unit. The laboratory space contains a tall wall set with variously-sized niches and a long counter with drawers. The niches and drawers contain anatomical exhibits and medical instruments.

Goal of the laboratory activities: discovery, experimentation and research combined with the use of different exhibits. Each hospital unit contains a series of Perspex plates featuring printed anatomical sections of the organ under study, as well as medical instruments.   The activity is organized around a narrative of caring for a patient.


 3D Imaging by Designer Sivan Fedida