My design projects are wide ranging, yet are all based on the same panoramic, in-depth, inquisitive gaze that gradually reveals a story, new knowledge, and unexpected connections – all evolving out of the same search for harmony and meaning. Inspired by the form of a circle – an egalitarian space in which every point on the circumference are equally distant from the center – my design philosophy ascribes equal importance to every detail in the ensemble – large or small, distant or close.

Design Studio 360 provides services for clients who recognize that good design is the result of a process that is gradually developed and consolidated based on research, experimentation, and collaboration. Clients interested in setting out on a guided journey through familiar and less familiar territories, towards a new order and new knowledge, will receive close and supportive guidance and will share in the experience of creation and growth that is inherent to the design process.

Design is a powerful and influential tool that can change our experience of life, organization in space, and habits. Home design that produces spaces where family members can meet and spend time together will draw them closer to one another and contribute to their well-being, with additional emphasis on acoustics and a balanced color scheme. My dialogue with my clients leads to the creation of smart, carefully designed spaces that tell their own personal story and that of the family that inhabits them, giving concrete form to its deepest desires and dreams.

Areas of specialization:

  • Interior design of unique spaces filled with meaningful content, which express the deepest selves of the people who enliven them.

  • Set design for innovative, exciting performances that echo and enhance the dramatic content and tension of the plot and are characterized by varying degrees of prominence or subtlety, depending on the production.

  • Exhibition design to support the artworks on display and guide the visitor.

  • Design for cultural events – thought-provoking, aesthetic, functional design to promote the general public's successful encounter with cultural and artistic values.

  • Accessorizing spaces to tell a compelling story and create a balance between emptiness and fullness.

  • Development and initiation of study and inspiration trips to various international locations to reveal new kinds of beauty, provoke forgotten thoughts and memories, and provide countless encounters, smiles, inspiration and photographic angles.

  • Curatorial work – research-based processes that build a bridge between the artist's vision and the exhibition visitor's experience.

  • Creating a productive and creative dialogue with clients and suppliers in order to provide and receive, and to produce new meaning and beauty.